Free books, articles, papers, and other publications

1) Follow Me: First Steps for New Believers

Siga-me: Primeiros Passos para Novos Crentes (Portuguese language)

2) The Kingdom of God in Focus

3) Old Testament and New Testament Surveys is a new website that I have put together for in-depth training for Disciples… and home school Bible courses! It is a ministry of publishing and teaching to equip disciples of Jesus Christ.

1) Follow Me (free book, see link above) helps new believers with their first steps. My goal was to write what I wished someone had put in my hand when I first was saved. It is free and can be sent via email (only 1.8 megabytes).

2) The Kingdom of God in Focus (free) takes a new believer past their first few steps and helps them focus on the finish line. It is also helpful for Christians of all ages who have struggled with understanding what the “Kingdom of God” means. We are to seek it first and to pray for its coming… and yet many do not have a sense of what that means.

3) In addition to these, the third step is online Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey for disciples. I am also providing this for the those involved in home school for Bible courses in high-school and for Christian school Bible courses. These online Bible courses come complete with 40 video lectures a semester, many online helps, reviews, exams, and answer guides. These are already set up and enrolling here. I am hoping that Follow Me, The Kingdom of God in Focus, and the Old Testament and New Testament Surveys will touch many lives.


The “Shadow of Death” as a Place Name

As Observed in Comparative Epithets of the Netherworld in Sumerian, Akkadian, Ugaritic, and Hebrew: Notes for Translators